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Leading planning organizations praise Pineland Prairie as setting ‘new bar’ for future projects

Pineland Prairie has recently received high praise from leading planning organizations, the Martin County Commission and public commenters. Please click here to read the latest published reviews and access short video vignettes regarding our plans for Pineland Prairie.

In first review, amendments to enable Kiplinger’s Pineland Prairie earn unanimous approval

In its first public governmental review, Pineland Prairie—the new village proposed by financial publisher Knight Kiplinger for his family’s 3,400-acre property in Palm City—earned a 5-0 vote of approval from the Martin County Local Planning Agency this week.

‘New urbanist’ plan for 4,200 homes west of Palm City gets a look

Knight Kiplinger, editor in chief of Kiplinger publications, discusses the plans for “Pineland Praire” Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, at the proposed site for the new community along Southwest Citrus Boulevard, northwest of Citurs Grove Elementary, in Palm City.

Kiplinger’s Pineland Prairie takes step forward as Martin County’s next big development

Development of a community roughly the size of Hobe Sound is about to take a major step forward. Property owner Knight Kiplinger next week will submit to the county plans for Pineland Prairie, his proposed 5.3-square mile, mixed-use community.

Gil Smart: ‘New urbanism’ coming to Martin County?

Last week, Kiplinger took out a full-page ad in our publication saying he envisioned turning the site into “a wonderful new kind of community — something that doesn’t exist anywhere in Martin County, or indeed, anywhere in our state.” Kiplinger envisions Pineland Prairie as a mixed-use, walkable neighborhood where homes are located adjacent to businesses and significant amounts of undeveloped open space remain, situated alongside small-scale agriculture and outdoor recreation.