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Local Planning Agency again grants strong support for Pineland Prairie

July 17, 2018

The Martin County Local Planning Agency (LPA)—composed of citizens appointed by county commissioners and tasked with reviewing and making recommendations on proposed projects—once again granted its support of Pineland Prairie, this time recommending approval for the proposed Form-Based Code and accompanying rezoning requests.

Leading planning organizations praise Pineland Prairie as setting ‘new bar’ for future projects

June 21, 2018

Pineland Prairie has recently received high praise from leading planning organizations, the Martin County Commission and public commenters. Please click here to read the latest published reviews and access short video vignettes regarding our plans for Pineland Prairie.

Amendments to Enable Pineland Prairie
Earn Unanimous Approval

March 2, 2018

In its first public governmental review, Pineland Prairie earned a 5-0 vote of approval from the Martin County Local Planning Agency. The proposed land use and text amendments necessary to implement the new compact, mixed-use community – which also received positive comments from the county’s planning staff – will now advance to the Martin County Commissioners for consideration.

Pineland Prairie is Profiled in Stuart Magazine

January 12, 2018

My vision for Pineland Prairie is the cover story of this month’s issue of Stuart Magazine. I was gratified to read so many positive citizen comments about our planning concepts and environmental features. It sounds as if many of our fellow Martin County residents think it’s time for this kind of community, which will add a new dimension to the wonderful lifestyle choices that exist in our county today.

To read the story, please click on the following link, which will take you to the Stuart Magazine website. Read more >>

The Plan for Pineland Prairie

September 22, 2017

Please click on the title above, or go to the new tab under “The Plan for Pineland Prairie” in the toolbar above. What follows is a description of the preliminary plan for this new community for submission to the Martin County government. Read more >>

The Large Land Area of Pineland Prairie

September 6, 2017

Please click on the title above, or go to the new tab under “A Special Property” in the toolbar above. What follows is some analysis of how big Pineland Prairie is compared with other places you know about Martin County. Read more >>

Population Densities around Martin County

September 6, 2017

Please click on the title above, or go to the tab under “Envisioning its Future” in the toolbar above, to see how communities around our county rank by their population densities. (You might be surprised!) Read more >>

New Towns That I Love

August 18, 2017

Please click on this title (or the new tab under “Envisioning its Future” in the toolbar above) to see photos of some wonderful new communities in the Southeastern United States with characteristics I’d like to emulate at Pineland Prairie. Each in its own way, they’re creating a special “sense of place” that’s missing in conventional suburban development (“sprawl”). Read More >>

What I’m Hearing from the Community

July 1, 2017

Please click on this title (or the tab “Comments from Citizens” in the toolbar above) to read summaries of comments that have been sent to this Web site and that I’ve heard at citizen meetings and individual appointments in recent months. This input is providing me with valuable insights into our county’s needs and how this project might help meet them. Many citizens’ suggestions are now being incorporated into our design of Pineland Prairie. Read More >>